Taking its name from the technical term for the science
of smell, Osmics is inspired by perfumery’s roots in the
ancient tradition of alchemy. The quest to turn base materials
into gold was equally a metaphor for the cultivation of the
self through inquiry and discovery and experiment. These
are scents to accompany you on your way.

Somewhere between aromatherapy and perfume, the natural
ingredients tend not to broadcast with the tenacity that perfume
scents do. The scents soften and sit close to the body. I carry
the vial with me and re-apply when I need a dose. After spending
10 years blending essential oils for my own use I created this
business to share them with others.

All the oils are chosen for their properties as emotional tonics
and blended to be both soothing and invigorating.  To prolong
their life amber glass vials are used in the 7ml size to preserve
the oils from the effects of sun and light.

Essential oils are potent- recommended to avoid if pregnant.