The path that led to Osmics was paved with vetiver.

I am a smell junkie. I love good smells. They make me feel good. I put on oils in the morning, when I need a lift in the afternoon, before I go out at night, before I go to bed, whenever, and all the time. When I discovered vetiver I  wore it by itself. It’s a truly remarkable smell, both comforting and beguiling— rich, earthen and spicy. Eventually, I started to mix it with more and more different oils to make my first blend, something much like Alizarin Cream. People would like it and want to get some.


Vetiver oil is steam distilled from the roots of a perennial grass that is native to India. It is cultivated widely for the aromatics oils in its roots aswell as a natural mechanism for erosion control. The roots grow up to 3 meters deep and work like natural re-bar. They are also used for mats and blinds. I love that such a woody smell comes from a grass and that the grass has such functional applications.